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Exploding Fungus (silent)

rated 4.03 / 5 stars
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Dec 15, 2001 | 2:03 AM EST

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Author Comments

It's basically just a weak attempt at some humour. However, the joke is pretty weak, and the graphics are rubbish.

This was my 1st attempt at a Flash movie and it really shows, despite taking 7 hours. My later work is much better. Watch 'Asteroid (sampler)' for a decent animation.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


my god!
that fungus just blew up!
*lmao* aaah! it works on so many levels!!!
u get a four for violence cause it's late and that explosion kinda scared me ^_^'
seriously though, i can tell u put some effort into this, and that scares me in ways u cant even imagine ;) keep this up and u might even b better then MEE!
~Dark Warrior74

Bezman responds:


You seemed to see more than I did.

This was basically a case of me learning about tweening, and then making up a shitty joke for the end...

Glad you liked it!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I -like- the style!

Yeah, it's short and there's no sound, but I really like your style, it's very trippy. And for whatever reason, I thought it was quite funny too. :)

Bezman responds:

Strange that...

Finding this funny?

I'm amazed!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Work at it. You could probably make some Untitled type stuff.

Bezman responds:

Thanks a lot.

I shall try, however, to not make some stuff which resembles another series, no matter how nice it is.

Hopefully, after a while, people will come to recognise my style and accept the fact that I have some all-rightish ideas. :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

That was bad

No sound, no plot, nothing really here to get you any points. However, since it was your first flash, I could say it was good for a very first try.

Bezman responds:

What you say is true.

Personally, I don't think 'charity points' should be added to the total score just because of someone's inexperience though.

Be kind in your review - as you were - but if something's shit, then it's shit.

In any case, thanks for the fair review.

Hopefully you'll enjoy some of my other stuff one day. :)

('Asteroids (sampler)' is loads better.)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

And so it will come to pass

Young Bezman, you must understand the cruel fact that many people on this site are extremely harsh when evaluating movies.
I myself have used flash, submitted movies, and gotten slammed like you now are. I feel your pain. The problem is, that many people that post here are professional animators, and then the general population (who has never even THOUGHT about using flash before!) comes through here, and your shit will be compared to theirs.
No, people will not fairly grade your movie.
Can they still be a good time to make? Hell yeah!
I aim just to survive the portal! I suggest the same for you until you develop your talent- and by the graphics here it is clear that you can develop some!
I didnt give you any charity points here, but unlike most reviews I gave you a fair shake.

Bezman responds:

Thanks a lot.

At the time that I read this, this was most uplifting. I hadn't spent an amazing amount of time on this, but I had made a fair effort, and I was just miffed that someone would just dismiss it.

I see your point tho'

Sometimes I look at my own reviews and wonder how many people I am pissing off myself...