Space Kevin ep.1

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Kevin is an alien who came to earth to research the human beings and at the same time fit in with them. but he dies every time! Luckily Kevin's species auto-respawns back to their own ships after death.

By the way, when you come to the scene with the two gangstas (not including kevin) press the arrow that says"go on" in the bottom right corner



Needs louder sound and it needs to be longer.

darkdeceptionz responds:

you got your wish! go check out episode 2, its a bit longer and better sound, but in case you still can't understand it, there's text at the bottom, hope you enjoy it!

well it shouldn't be mature

it's good but not really inapropriate.
it should be Teen

darkdeceptionz responds:

yea, but i kinda had to because of the lyrics for Get Low.

Good, But Needs Work

Animation: Good
Story: Okay
Audio: Poor
Work on your audio, and all will be good in the future.. maybe record it alot more clearly, then speed it up untill you get your wanted voice.
Good Luck :D

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darkdeceptionz responds:

yeah i have to admit the voices were bad, blame my close-to-broken mic, but i will work on it, thx for ur constructive critisizm!


Thats some funny shit man!

the only thing i could ask, would be if u could make the high pitched voice more clear. it trails off a little and u cant always hear it.

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darkdeceptionz responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it and also thanks for saving my animation from certain doom, that goes for all of you newground-ers!

nice job, dude

The drawings were great, the voices were a little off and the story was great, I loved it!

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darkdeceptionz responds:


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2.23 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2007
5:15 PM EDT
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