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im not defending aaron but...

trteretereter, dont tell ne body to suck a dick cuz then your mom wouldnt have a job ne more....ne wayz aaron, im not gonna say ne thing bout ur film cuz u actually made it and ive got nuttin to say since i cant make a better one than that....but seriously trteretereter????what kind of drunk slut names theyre kid that?????

wow that was bad

the sound was totally out of sync with what little animation there was. i'd guess that 80% of the movie was just one frame with a sound playing. the other 20% was really bad animation.

uh huh

it was cool, kind of.

A good voice - puberty = shattered glass

you have a good talent with drawing, but from the sound of your voice, sounds like you do the following:

A. Watch fox kids
B. Play with star wars toys
C. Beg your parents to watch dungeons and dragons every second day
D. play with kids below your age

You have a voice that almost replicates andy from toy story. I wonder if voice box surgery exists. But until then, wait for puberty to knock on your door. And by the way, i'm only eleven and my voice is ironically much deeper than yours. Anyway, if you used speech bubbles, your movies ratings would get 6-10 as a rating.

Amazing artistic skill.


Dude Premo, you sound like youre fucking 12 years old! Wait till puberty to add dialogue to your movies! Until then i suggest text balloons, hey it worked for Fulp

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1.29 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2000
11:58 AM EDT
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