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2008 Candidate Quiz

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Here is a little quiz to help you decide who to vote for. It's different than other quizs, in that I found simple [yes] or [no] buttons a bit confusing, because sometimes you don't know the context of what you're voting for in the topic. For example, if you vote [yes] on the immigration topic, are you saying "yes, allow them", or are you saying "yes, deport them"? You have to know the context or slant of the topic! In the event that I myself got confused by this, all the top buttons are [yes], and the bottoms ones are [no]. Did I mix any up?

I tried to cover the talking points of both sides in 4 lines of text. The points I used are all things I've actually heard from people with that view, so I'm just telling it like it is! Just choose the view that's closest to your own, and see what you come up! You'll be surprised, it's almost guaranteed that the person you like now is not the most similar.

Because this quiz doesn't measure the "weight" of an issue, and some candidates miss out on points due to unknown positions, consider the results a "rough" estimate (consider the top 5 maybe?). I might add this feature in the future. I'll also release the source as soon as I'm not ashamed of my spaghetti code! Keep leaving suggestions, I'm listening!


top 5


Test is a bit too rigid

The test is a nice start and has room for improvement. I agree with the reviewer below that an answer format of "strongly agree, agree, disagree, to strongly disagree" would give a better, less opinionated result. Also the emphasis of the questions asked are not well-balanced. There are three similar questions on gay marriage while there is only one for universal healthcare (and social security).

Paul: 15
Clinton: 15
Romney: 14

I'd think they're quite different! Especially with Paul.

a OK


Room for improvement.

You've got a lot of potential in this, if you decide to tweak a few things. The answers were too definate. It made it seem like there were only two options. Maybe a "Check all that apply" type thing would be better, but that may be a lot harder to work from your (the creator's) side.
This gets an 8 from me, and voted a 5. It's good, overall.


my top 5 that the database, if you will, has chosen for me are as follows
Hunter - 19
Romney - 16
Tancred - 16
Brownback - 15
Huckabee - 15

looks like i'm suited for a conservative bunch, which isn't surprising

if you want to know where you stand, just take your top 5 choices and research them and you'll get a look at whether you're Right or Left

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Jul 23, 2007
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