nite stalker

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kinda sh*** but i made it a while ago..


Dot Dot Dot.

I havn't seen a movie without sound that was good since the 30's. and that still stands after watching wat ever that plagerised thing was.

Not very original

Good try, but make it more original. Try using your own style instead of Adam Phillips'.
Good try though.

Not cool.

Noticed one of the backgrounds you used was stolen from one of Adam Phillips moives.

Not on mate. Not on.


Some backgrounds look a lot like Adam Philips' backgrounds, actually they Are his.
Actually the whole animation looks like a ripoff from Adam Philips hitchhiker, without sound or a plot!


WHAT Was that!!?
There was no sound, no text, no speech, not even a sign of story.
You don't even see where the movie begins.
In the beginning I thought that was only the loading phase.
So the only thing in this "flash" is the animation, and it's not very good after all.
I must say, there's more work to do with this movie than the efford to make it.
Thats my first BLAM and it is, for sure.
Im sorry but THAT is not to compare with anything on this page, it belongs to nowhere, so you get just 2 stars for that, cause however, its an almost good animation.
But thats all then.

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2.24 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2007
5:13 AM EDT
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