Dirty Dishes

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For the Wiggi World Contest! Ages 5-12 so don't complain if it's too easy...

So intuitive you don't need instructions.
See if you can scrub 100 dishes (around level 15) without losing!
That's my challenge to you hardcore gamers out there.

This is the first contest I'm joining.
I always find contests when there's only a week or two left...


great work

great idea i think. I think the positive feedback from ralph is good, just needs a bit more, not sure wat though. too much and it'd be distracting. overall good work

flame862 responds:


Wish I'd thought of that...

Maybe it's just me, but rubbing my mouse on the desk felt almost exactly like scrubbing a plate. Story-wise, no, SilverSurge was right, the kids will see right through this edutainment crap. But on a subtler, more insidious level, well... kids are scrubbing and earning experience points for it. If they grind on this 5 days a week at school during computer lab to earn wogs, it just might form a habit. Sure beats the "talk to the NPCs and then choose to do the right thing" paradigm. This invokes muscle memory! The only way it could get any purer would be to combine this with Chore Wars.

flame862 responds:

thnx! I couldn't believe i came up with it too.


way too kiddy, even for 5-12 year olds, and Ralph was not doing anything to convince me to do my dishes

flame862 responds:

Actually, it's not that bad. My 8 year old sister was playing it for quite a while...Haha yea, Ralph isn't very convincing...


It was fun and easy. keep up the goodwork.

flame862 responds:


Strangely addicting

For some STRANGE reason this game is addicting, fun, and rewarding, I got 600 points and I challenge anyone to beat me! ( someone probobly already has...) But good job! Rated 5.

flame862 responds:

hahaha. Wow. 600...nah, you probably have the record.

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3.15 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
5:53 PM EDT
Simulation - Other