The PS3 Song!

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Hi everyone! Im back from the dead, with a new cartoon known as "The PS3 Song!". For those of you who are wondering why I havent posted anything for a month, well let's just say I had a little something called "WRITERS BLOCK!" But I'm back and ready to animate! Well, I hope you enjoy :P


Just a few PS's here:

1. Thankyou VERY much for 1st place and front page! You guys ROCK!
2. If your a fanboy of the PS3, it is recommended you don't spam the reviews page with your fanboyism.
3. I didn't make this song, Doc Adams of Sarcastic Gamer made it.
4. I've seen a lot of people saying i suck cus they think Im sharing my opinion. read his... THIS ISNT TO DO WITH MY OPINION!!! 360 fanboys will have something to laugh at! pretty soon there's gonna be a 360 song animation, so you'll get your turn, PS3 Fanboys! Personally I like the PS3!


For more of my work, visit www.diamondarmada.com now!


I knew this would happen but no one listen

I knew that sony would only last so long agensted Nintendo, You all said I was crazy but who laughing now.
I agree with streeetrocks Wii kicks ps3 ass so hard.
So listen to this nintendo is going to be number one again so watch out xbox 360 your next, the wii's comin for ya.

Thank you Mr. diamond

Now i understand everything. Thank you. My parents gave me a choice to get a PS3 or a 360. I had no idea which one to pick, but u have shown me the light. The 360 is the way to victory!!! Thank you ever so much...


I agree with u the ps3 went wrong real bad and 360 does kick ass

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PS2>>>>PS3 ...whats the song!

its kick ass! XDD

ninjacat's reveiw

DUDE i agree with this flash animation and i thank the author for bringing the truth forward.

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Jul 21, 2007
4:58 PM EDT
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