The PS3 Song!

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Hi everyone! Im back from the dead, with a new cartoon known as "The PS3 Song!". For those of you who are wondering why I havent posted anything for a month, well let's just say I had a little something called "WRITERS BLOCK!" But I'm back and ready to animate! Well, I hope you enjoy :P


Just a few PS's here:

1. Thankyou VERY much for 1st place and front page! You guys ROCK!
2. If your a fanboy of the PS3, it is recommended you don't spam the reviews page with your fanboyism.
3. I didn't make this song, Doc Adams of Sarcastic Gamer made it.
4. I've seen a lot of people saying i suck cus they think Im sharing my opinion. read his... THIS ISNT TO DO WITH MY OPINION!!! 360 fanboys will have something to laugh at! pretty soon there's gonna be a 360 song animation, so you'll get your turn, PS3 Fanboys! Personally I like the PS3!


For more of my work, visit www.diamondarmada.com now!



hahahaha very funny

diamond-armada responds:

thanx! Glad yu liked it :P


it was nice, good song and yes i think its true too. still, the graphics could,ve been better, you forgot to color the top peak of the surf board also. and too many epilepsia-esque moments, half of them werent needed. still, good work, i hope to see you improved soon.

diamond-armada responds:

Glad yu liked it. Ye I made a few mistakes with color xP Ill resubmit with fixes tomorrow hopefully, k?


Really good graphics, Really good song, and its all true.

diamond-armada responds:

lol glad yu liked it. Meh, not all of it is true. Blue ray does actually change a bit... well only in terms of smoothness and brightness, whihc you could easily adgust on the tv, lol.

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Jul 21, 2007
4:58 PM EDT
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