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Hi everyone! Im back from the dead, with a new cartoon known as "The PS3 Song!". For those of you who are wondering why I havent posted anything for a month, well let's just say I had a little something called "WRITERS BLOCK!" But I'm back and ready to animate! Well, I hope you enjoy :P


Just a few PS's here:

1. Thankyou VERY much for 1st place and front page! You guys ROCK!
2. If your a fanboy of the PS3, it is recommended you don't spam the reviews page with your fanboyism.
3. I didn't make this song, Doc Adams of Sarcastic Gamer made it.
4. I've seen a lot of people saying i suck cus they think Im sharing my opinion. read his... THIS ISNT TO DO WITH MY OPINION!!! 360 fanboys will have something to laugh at! pretty soon there's gonna be a 360 song animation, so you'll get your turn, PS3 Fanboys! Personally I like the PS3!


For more of my work, visit www.diamondarmada.com now!


Disagree. Hope you read. ^_^

I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I own a ps3 and think it is better then x box. It is all a matter of opinion. Still think it was a good song even though I didn't liked the lyrics.

A lot of people reallly liked killzone. And even if it was the worst game ever. There is always room for improvement. There have been many games that sucked (IMO) that turned out great in the sequal (IMO)

And sure the price is expensive, but it just got a price reduction. Sales went up over 2800%. Think of it like this, X box+HD player=more then PS3 now.

I'm not saying x box is bad. I just like the ps3 more. X box has it's titles that I would like lol. Dead rising, Gears, halo 3, Bioshock, ect but PS3 also has some awesome titles that I want as well, MGS4, Motorstorm, Resistence, NG:Sigma, Heavenly sword (lol I think thats what it's called. I just call it Goddess of war), Lair, GoW3.

So, yeah I hope you take the time and read this. They are both great systems.

Good song even though I disagreeded with the lyrics.

9/10 for you ^_^


...An all tweened movie with no trace of style, drawings seemed to have been done in a matter of seconds then centered on a blank or gradient background, no backgrounds.
you should spend more time animating and wait a while before you start submitting things.


The release for the PS3 was a catastrophe in comparison the competitors next gen systems. The blue ray however will be in like everyones home just like when the "red laser" units came out. PS3 has a chance to redeem itself, but in till more people us blue ray, it will take a little time. Great song, but because of some of the lyrics and questionable animation, I give this 7 out of 10.

Nintendo went right out and said,

Nintendo went right out and said, We're not trying to win the console war, we just want our players to have fun, AND THE PS3 IS STILL ASS IN COMPARISON! Awesome song. Awesome animation. Awesome all around. FIFEND AND FAVED!!!1

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song wrong about killzone2

killzone 2 looks WAY better than gears of war, don't believe me, google it

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