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This game is my second flash submission on newgrounds, is based in the classic Arkanoid,

CONTROLS: move with your arrow keys, when you take a rocket, shoot with Space

Tip: don't take the bombs or your ball will be stopped

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Another nice Breakout clone! I like the way the whole level is boxed in, feels good to have a frame around the viewable area somehow, so you know the ball can't escape... or something. One feature I'm missing is the option to click when you have a new ball, instead of it just going off automatically. Apart from that, the interface is great; the game easy to play. Nice work!


good one

well, the idea and concept have been used many times over, but it still is always nice to see this type of game. this one here had some pretty nice gameplay in it, had a decent challenge, cool graphics and audio and it did serve as a pretty good time killer. something a little more original would've been better though, but like i said, this style of game is always fun to play.


It isn't the nnost original game and it gets boring fast sorry. I like KAMM's idea of combinig the powers.

50 / 50

pretty good, and i like these types of games too. keep going thuough

Kinda lame.

It was great for your second flash but honestly, I don't care about how early it is in your flash career, It still gets the same score. It would have been great if only the power ups were combined, get a big paddle and a weapon then you should have a big weapon. Also, the sound was just so irritating. 2 out of 5. Keep going! Your bound to be awesome sooner or later!

Skylline responds:

Ok thanks for that review but the powers can't be combined because i don't get that idea

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4.09 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
4:48 PM EDT
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