Disorderly - Sagway

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Your friend wants to take a romantic Segway ride through the park, but he needs someone to keep all the slow old people from ruining the mood!

NOTE: You can't punch old people when a cop is to their left (cause he can see you doing it), but once the cop is to their right, they are fair game!

If you haven't seen Segway, check it out at www.segway.com!

Artwork is by the always amazing Zeebarf! Play consecutive times for a few fun surprises!

12/17/01 UPDATE:
Added some new oldies PLUS a secret enemy who faces you after you win four times!

4/04/03 UPDATE:
Replaced crappy Limp Bizkit loop with music from the NG Audio Portal!



you sad sad person and i know yur not twenty fricken five!


Not Bad! Hey, it had good animation, and it was entertaining! sweet!It was surprisingly cool too! so yes, it was an awsome job! keep it up!


It,sA Bit Annoying When U Nearly By End And The Fuckin Copper Comes To Arrest YA.
But IT,s Still Cool

not bad

first of all to the last retard, stfu this is quite good.

Second of all, i think its a good way to take some anger out, unlike the last noob who did it to the author.

most frustrating game ever

what's good about this game? its graphics, and the fact that it's addictive.

what's bad about it? a lot of things. first of all, the whole fuckin' plot sucks. i mean, the only reason why you're doing what you're doing is so your fuckin' FRIEND can hook up; not you! so, as the game says, you're doing a "solid" (which is probably the stupidest fucking word in the universe). ok, but fine, maybe i'm just selfish, and i hate solids. moving on: the game is really almost impossible. i mean, if you fuck up one beat, you're done. and everytime you lose, what do you hear "YOU SUCK!" hey, that's funny the first time. but fine maybe i'm just pissed because i have bad coordination. ok, well i have still problems: for example, the orientation of your character to your enemies is baffling. this game is the perfect reason why side scrolling games should not add a THIRD dimension. because 2 fucking D games can't fucking fit 3 fucking dimensions. FINE, again, maybe i'm a retard! but even when you finally beat the thing, it has the most UNGRATIFYING end in the universe.

but, you know what? try not playing this game. and yeah, it's a pretty clean build. argh.

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2.82 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2001
9:13 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler
  • Daily Feature December 15, 2001