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Author Comments

Your friend wants to take a romantic Segway ride through the park, but he needs someone to keep all the slow old people from ruining the mood!

NOTE: You can't punch old people when a cop is to their left (cause he can see you doing it), but once the cop is to their right, they are fair game!

If you haven't seen Segway, check it out at www.segway.com!

Artwork is by the always amazing Zeebarf! Play consecutive times for a few fun surprises!

12/17/01 UPDATE:
Added some new oldies PLUS a secret enemy who faces you after you win four times!

4/04/03 UPDATE:
Replaced crappy Limp Bizkit loop with music from the NG Audio Portal!

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This was fun

This was kind of fun I like the idea here and the game played well you have some nice gameplay to it with a nice twist or two making this game pretty fun so nice job here

A fan game no need for any changes


For a good game the graphics and mechanics are good, but this game was a too hard to be fun and while old people can be annoying I don't hate them to feel the need to beat them up for fun.

I wonder how the authors feel about this game now when they are themselves 14 years closer to old age then they were when they made this game. How will they feel after 14 more years ? Not saying this game is bad or evil trough I appreciate that this site offers freedom for authors to upload and players to play pretty much everything including such questionable content.

I was a little confused as to how I even lost. I now realize you did so when you let any of them go off screen left. While it wasn't that interesting, I still liked it. It's mostly because you get to beat people up! It's just fun to see the punches and blood everywhere. I thought they'd have health bars.

It's harder than you think. I like how they show no damage after being punched over and over. Anyone of any age would show damage after that! The music is great too. Hey, my grandma's an old person!

I can relate to this.

Honestly, I didn't like this game very much at all... I know this is an old game but still. The game has a couple of problems in my opinion... You lose after one old person gets past, the one in the center is the most troublesome, your punches don't do shit to help, and the whole "YOU SUCK!" doesn't seem at all funny. Sorry man but this just wasn't your best...

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2001
9:13 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler
  • Flash 5
  • Daily Feature December 15, 2001