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Disorderly - Sagway

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Your friend wants to take a romantic Segway ride through the park, but he needs someone to keep all the slow old people from ruining the mood!

NOTE: You can't punch old people when a cop is to their left (cause he can see you doing it), but once the cop is to their right, they are fair game!

If you haven't seen Segway, check it out at www.segway.com!

Artwork is by the always amazing Zeebarf! Play consecutive times for a few fun surprises!

12/17/01 UPDATE:
Added some new oldies PLUS a secret enemy who faces you after you win four times!

4/04/03 UPDATE:
Replaced crappy Limp Bizkit loop with music from the NG Audio Portal!

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this game sucks. basically impossible to win, punch them and they barely move. original game is much better.

I like the game play more than the concept, and the art even more than the former. I've never really been much of a fan for unnecessary violence, but at least it's not just killing them, but rather pushing them around.

It was pretty brutal in terms of difficulty, took me several attempts, even after you get the hang of it it doesn't really get much better with the cop showing up. There was a small amount of variety with the characters that show up being different each time, but it was always the same speeds on the three. I also liked the option between mouse and keyboard control.

Older than Disorderly itself, this game was pretty boring.

Good Graphics
Ok Story

Endless 30 Second Loop
Too Hard

Huge drop in quality from the original Disorderly aside from, again, the artstyle. Game isn't fun, doesn't control well with either layout, I don't see the point of why you have to keep these old f*cks onscreen and your punches barely move them at all, it's basically just an impossible game of juggling that lasts about a minute and that's if you have the God skills needed to win. My only guess is this one was knocked out in about a weekend.