Sonic in Search for Love

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Sonic in Search for Love: Chapter 1-1

A collaborative effort of two websites; A unique fusion of writing, voice acting, animation, and musical performance the likes of which has never been assembled. Experience the begining of the greatest love story ever written.

Written by: Sonic Master
Art and Animation: Myself
Voices: Agent Boogyman, Djynn Flyssa
Opening theme: Written by Sonic Master, performed by Spoonboy
Sound compiled by Chaos Theory


I lurv Sally

It`s good to see her in some of these.

What the hell haha

This was one silly Sonic parody,i got a kick out of the script and the voice acting was hilarous as well,as for the animation it looked like it was made in crayon but the style fit the humor with the storybook setting,overall this was a pretty ridiculous parody but gave me a lot of laughs.

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Fuck the animation this was funny as hell!
whoever says this is dumb you can go get a life!

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Can't we all just enoy it?

People I think you're looking into this way to much. I do think this was just for what you kids call these days, "For the Luls".

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Everything about this is terrible!!!

It's irredeemable!!! The animation is non-existent, the voices are half-assed, (you can here the narrator switching voices, this may have been a joke but it fell terribly short) and the story was disgusting!!! WTF is wrong with you!!!

Story=0(its a TERRIBLY written furry fic)
Animation=0(CRAYON, realy!?)
VA=0.1(it seems that the narrator was
laughing at himself the whole time, it
was obvious we were supposed to laugh
with him, but this parody is not funny in any way!)

This should get blammed, period.

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2.98 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
2:29 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody