Adventures in ClayLand

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Yesss! Above 3.00! I'm really happy now, I was starting to think I'd never get above a 2.90 from now on! I'm starting animation for Adventures in ClayLand 2 so watch out for it!

Chewbacca: TechFlash made this, I'm just helping him out by submitting it for him.

TechFlash: This is the start of the new series of the escapades of two claymen Bob and Rob! I really hope I get above a 3.00 on this, as I worked very hard on it. I also got rid of the small screen because people earlier had been complaining about it. ENJOY AND VOTE FAIRLY!

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I can see why you're glad it has a rating of over 3.00. This just wasn't good. I was confused by the Mario game at the beginning. I would have rather had this be about that! I guess the effects weren't bad. It just didn't add up to much. There should have been more activity.

I do like the idea of them making a movie. I guess it was kind of interesting with how meta it was. It just didn't add up to much. It isn't my thing. It needs to be more detailed.

Probably one of your better works I've seen...

Well I must say that I thought this wasn't going to be good because of the very short production time but I was wrong. You're actually starting to show improvement. It has a plot which is a good start, but it still wasn't very funny (But I almost chuckled when they checked newgrounds for reviews) and I didn't really think the voices were all that great. This has some potential, but it was still not the best it could possibly be due to the lack of humor. Oh well, maybe the sequel will be better.

chewbacca925 responds:

thanks, optimuslime! I'm glad you think i'm showing improvement, episode 2 will be better and much longer than this one. Again, thanks for the awesome review, man!

ha ha

that is so funny!

they killl people in making a film!
crap mini mini claymation they made.
can't wate till the next 1 TECHFLASH!


chewbacca925 responds:

thanks! Episode 2 should be out very soon, or at least as soon as I'm done with animation ;).

haha awsome

I love claymation. It would of been better if it was longer though.

chewbacca925 responds:

I wish it was longer too, but it was in short production time.


the sound fx were better then some of your other movies and the whole thing was all around good

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2.35 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2007
6:43 PM EDT
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