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Jul 20, 2007 | 5:37 PM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE: I added the version with some audio in it. Hope you guys like it better! I'm not very good with audio. Also, the audio credits thing is bugging out on me, so:


Hey! This is my second game and also my second game for the Wiggi World contest. After the spectacular failure of my first game, I decided to put everything I learned from last game into this one, and churn out another game as fast as possible! So, here you go. A mini-game with 3 different mini-mini-games! I was planning on making a couple more, but we'll see how these three are received. Oh, and I was too lazy to put in sound, but if this gets received decently, I'll actually put that in. Vote based on gameplay, por favor. =)

My comments on the actual games:

Defuse the Bombs: 6 levels of OH CRAP IT'S GOING TO BLOW UPness. The first 3 are easy and can score you 3000 points. The next three are very hard. The game randomly chooses from the 4 colored wires. I can rarely beat the 4th level. The thing is, if you beat the 4th, you get a credit - so you basically gain points without losing any credits. After the 5th, you get an extra credit, and the 6th gives you two extra credits. Worth a credit if you're good at guessing. Beating all 6 levels, then, nets you: 2 more credits and 10500 (I think. I haven't actually gotten that far).

Simon Says: An easy 6500 points. Not much, but pretty much foolproof.

Pick the Lock: Man, this is hard. To get through this, you'll have to figure out a good strategy. You have ten seconds to lock in 5 tumblers. Each subsequent tumbler is harder to lock. If you can actually do this, you get a crapload of points. Some odd 15000, I think.

Have fun with this new set of pointless and random games!



Rated 2 / 5 stars

(title in work)

Uhh this compilation of games was kind of strange. The simon says game only has three rounds I think, which is pretty short and way too easy. The bomb defusal game is all based on luck of picking the right color, and the lock pick game is just boring. Not much offered here, the games could be more itneresting.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

don't get it

i don't get it each time you lose u lose a life does this mean you only get 5 lives for each game?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Cool

It's good but gets kind of tricky after a while.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was fun

The bomb game was kind of tricky... the lock pick was cool. And the simon says game was rather easy. These series of games needed some background music/sound fx though. YOu can easily obtain background music in the newgrounds audio portal. But other than that it was a fun series of games to play! nice job!

NextGen responds:

Thanks! The reviews have definitely given me incentive to add in the sound. I'm going to use a mix of free sfx and newgrounds audio. I'm hoping the bomb game audio will turn out the best. =) I'll get all the sounds, write all the code, and upload the new version by tomorrow.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


The gameplay was nice. I loved the graphics. I know, you don't want me to say it, but I will anyway. It would be fantastically wonderfully awesome if there was music. I had no idea how much time I had left, because there was no auditory cue. The gameplay would be much better with sound. Fun games though.

Good luck,

NextGen responds:

Gotcha. Add auditory cues. Thanks for the help!