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This game is meant for little kids, but is also very addicting!


Evene though it's for children...

That was pretty good. I think I know some mom's who'll use that. My only suggestion is to make the guy look like he's walking when the key is down. Other than that it was pretty good.


Wow, this sucks.

It's a fine game for kids

I don't think the music selection is right though. I showed this to my 6 year old cousin,hoping to get her off my back and she loved it. Maybe make a customizable character for maximum enjoyment?

Young but fun

its cool and all and has sweet music. Addicting and fun to play if im bored. cool

Gets boring quickly

This isn't a great game. The concept was good, but It gets boring fast. There are worse games on the web, and this isn't a bad submission, but maybe a little more challenge to it. The strangers in themselves are a huge problem. The just wander around haphazardly. They should chase you, or move in some sort of AI type pattern. In the way they move now, it's just as easy as waiting for a gap to appear, making the game less of a strategy and more of a wait a few minutes for the enemy to screw up. Everything else was good though, the graphics, the concept, but the strangers need to be beefed up a little perhaps in the next installment. Some extra features would be good too. A character creator would be a good start.

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2.89 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2007
2:44 PM EDT
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