The Orphan: Part 3

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After many long hours of meticulous work, we are proud to finally present Part 3 of "The Orphan", in which Drügal continues his bleak adventure and makes some unsettling discoveries in and around his new home.

We would like to thank everyone who has stuck with us thus far and we hope that no-one took that whole "brief hiatus" thing too seriously. In any event, we have tentatively planned to have the fourth and final part completed for Halloween, although we might just go trick or treating instead. I guess we'll see. Until then we hope this will somewhat satisfy your need for dope flash movies.

-Foolscap Productions


Another awesome production

Agreeing what Spiritpower said, you should put more excitement in the next one but otherwise, it was awesome. My heart almost stopped when I saw the head. Anyways, I thought that dead frog from the last part would have come back from the dead and haunt him when he was in the bathroom....I know, silly comment. =P

omg freakin nice

i dont know how ou did that but its awsome 3 is my favorite from the excitment
when i saw the head i jumped a little nice job kudos


My heart began to pound when he found that bodyless head, I still expected something to go after him. Like others said, maybe you should add a little more excitement in your next video. This still is a great submission you brought here. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to your next one.


Its actually a little boring and short to be honest, but the good quality graphics were cool. Keep it up, but make it more exciting next time.

Freaking Awsome!!!!

Ok i have to be honest I don't get scared easily. This didn't scare me... But it was awesome gj man Keep em comin'

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Jul 20, 2007
10:12 AM EDT