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The Orphan: Part 3

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After many long hours of meticulous work, we are proud to finally present Part 3 of "The Orphan", in which Drügal continues his bleak adventure and makes some unsettling discoveries in and around his new home.

We would like to thank everyone who has stuck with us thus far and we hope that no-one took that whole "brief hiatus" thing too seriously. In any event, we have tentatively planned to have the fourth and final part completed for Halloween, although we might just go trick or treating instead. I guess we'll see. Until then we hope this will somewhat satisfy your need for dope flash movies.

-Foolscap Productions



Well if there was less car sceens and more story it chould get a 10

SCARED THE FUDGE OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude that was so creepy! o god i have continus chills! o dear god!!!!!!! ugh! man i wont be able to sleep and the poor man! locked in his bathroom!!! dude that was creepy but amazing!!!! i keep looking behind me!!!

amazing for god!


well lets see here...

this one gets a nine, but the first two I would have only given a 4 or five, and this is why.

nothing happened, it was so utterly boring! I almost stopped watching it cuz nothing happened at all the entire time...the first, main thing that happens, he gets kicked out....he calls a friend...he finds the house....the second one, the house is creepy...this one was way better though, scary and all that jazz

you should add some dialog though for voice actors you can just go to to voiceacting.proboards62.com or other similar sites. dialog would make this story much more entertaining. good job though, I cant wait for the fourth blah blah balh.


amazing graphics

i liked this flash a lot

make more flashes :P

nice nice

first of all I gotta say... wow... beautiful graphics...second of all, the plot is quite impressive... but... u know whats missing? a lil` bit more emotions... he`s like, oh my, im so scared...NOT ;D u know... overall... u`ve got a great talent...
p.s. what kinda graphic programs did ya used to draw?

Foolscap responds:

photoshop: for backgrounds mostly.
fireworks: for some detailed objects most often used in the foreground.
flash(of course): for everything else. Everything! I mean, there have been a few people who thought otherwise but all of the animation was done using flash and flash alone.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2007
10:12 AM EDT