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The Orphan: Part 3

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Jul 20, 2007 | 10:12 AM EDT

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Author Comments

After many long hours of meticulous work, we are proud to finally present Part 3 of "The Orphan", in which DrĂ¼gal continues his bleak adventure and makes some unsettling discoveries in and around his new home.

We would like to thank everyone who has stuck with us thus far and we hope that no-one took that whole "brief hiatus" thing too seriously. In any event, we have tentatively planned to have the fourth and final part completed for Halloween, although we might just go trick or treating instead. I guess we'll see. Until then we hope this will somewhat satisfy your need for dope flash movies.

-Foolscap Productions



Rated 5 / 5 stars

amazing work

I remember following this series, and near the end of '07 I was on this site every day waiting in anticipation for part 4. In response to xVegetAx, I think the company that produced these videos have split. Their website has not been active since early '08, and is still not running today.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Foolscap has pulled it off beautifully again!

This video was submitted 07/20/2007, and here Iam writing this review on Friday, February 12th, 2010, it just shows how much I've stopped coming here. I've been busy lately, but here Iam, back on the saddle again, back into Newgrounds, managing to squeeze it into my schedule. Please, oh please don't stop this creepy, eerie, stomach churning, eye-popping, hair raising series. The sheer suspense you have just began to drop a taste on our tongues with in Part 3 just can't stop right there!

This series was birthed on Newgrounds on 10/01/06, 11/18/06 is when you released The Orphan Part 2, and finally, on 07/20/2007, you released The Orphan Part 3, with a huge taste of suspense and horror at the end of this episode, part 3, why just stop? The brief hiatus was understandable, and so you decided to trick or treat on Halloween of 2007, instead of work on Part 4, which is also understandable and totally ok. But two years, and 8 days shy of 7 months later, still no Orphan part 4? Did you guys need a hiatus with an additional 2 extra Halloweens, 3 Christmases, 3 Mardi Gras', and 2 Easters? Man, I'm estimating with that big of a hiatus Part 4 is going to be an explosion!!

Or, did you guys just stop? Cmon guys, don't give up, The Orphan was a master piece, if you guys have technical, software/hardware, programmer difficulties, well try your best to sort them out, because were waiting for Part 4! I'm not trying to be an ass whatsoever, I'm just dedicated to this illustrious beautiful Orphan series, with all that time passed you guys just can't keep us hanging, we need to see the final part, to rest in piece with this, give the ghost its grave!

Now for the review

The same spooky, unsettling atmosphere that I can't get enough of, horror is just beautiful to me, and Foolscap knows how to present horror, unforgiving atmosphere full of woods, fog, deadly night skies, treacherous spook head-chop forests, and an old abandoned small country house that has "killer backwood-redneck written all over it."

I don't think Drugal, so much anymore is a weird twisted creep, after seeing him get freaked by the corpses, and hacked up head he found in his house, hes just your average run of the mill, society reject, even more so, his family abandoning him. I don't even see why he would inquire a house so cheap now, after reacting normally to bodies. but I guess if I were in his situation, I'd do the same, and do side-jobs to make the rent ends meet for such a small place, if there weren't bodies there. Its not just the house, the whole small town seems abandoned, the gas/mini-mart is even gone, the pictures give evidence an old man lived in that little shack, possibly worked at the gas station, his picture is even in the house. At first I thought a creep owned that house, and tried to lure people to it with cheap prices, now I think a maniac killed the owner of the shack, and is luring more people to it with a cheap price, something is not right with that small town, and Drugal needs to leave. Gas station pictures show more evidence, miners lived there, and evidence some kind of ghost/aborition killed the people? Were not sure if its a ghost or psycho axe killer.

Graphics: The same great graphics engine, used to create Part 1 and 2, which I hope is also used for the finale, Part 4. These graphics/engine used in this series, in my opinion just makes a surreal in your face horror if used properly, and you guys always pay out with the use of the engine.

Style: The same great style, combined with the graphics, makes an eerie, creepy atmosphere, all of the shading and lighting, and dust effects were just right, simply gorgeous, and would make any lover of horror satisfied.

Sound: The music and little tunes fit the background perfectly, it gave an even more unsettling GET OUT OF HERE NOW feeling, and a sense of abandonment, with the surroundings, and gave the ultimate feeling of, something isn't right.

I get behind in projects too, I understand, but don't stop.


10 Stars

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Jesus fuck. It's like Silent Hill. I'd get the fuck out of there. But of course Drugal doesn't seem to have a lot of options. WOW. Hope part IV is sweet.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good flash, dumb guy.

This flash is very well done. The art is great. One thing though, that is quite possibly the DUMBEST man in existance. I mean, he goes to this super creepy house and doesnt actually look the whole place over. There is pulled out teeth in the sink, should have been warning enough that something wasn't right. Then he goes to the store that looks like it's got blood all over the place and has pictures on the wall that look like someone being killed. And through all this, he has this "Oh well, nothing out of the ordinary" attitude. I mean, DUH!!!! You'd think at some point a giant realization would hit him that, SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT!!!! Hope you make another episode and don't just give it up. It'll probably have him find 30 corspes and an axe murderer then he'll just go to sleep and be like, "Oh well, its probably nothing." LOL


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Need... NEED... To... See... Ending...

It's Been Ages Since This Came Out.
I Seriously Love the Series Man, But The Suspense Is Killing Me.
Have You Abandoned It Altogether?

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