Battle Pool

July 20, 2007 –
September 15, 2011
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Battle Pool is a realtime multiplayer Pool game. The aim of the game is simply to clear your table of balls before your opponent does. When you pot a ball it appears on your opponents table and vice versa. If the game has been resolved after 100 seconds it goes into O.T. and balls stop appearing.

Aim with your mouse and hold the left mouse button to build power and release to shoot.

You gain ranking Points by winning games and gain higher ranks by obtaining the required points for the level.



It's broken. 0/10 0/5.
Next time, make a functional game.
-Zexion II-

At this point it seems pretty broken. Unfortunately it is only multiplayer, and since it is lost in the depths of NG, there isn't anyone playing it. You just sit at the connecting screen for a while and nothing happens. There should have been a single player mode in this one.

It's a pretty cool game once you get a hang of it! But also i have to agree not many people to play on there, but then again it's all about people inviting others to play so more people will play!

a fine game and fun too.

gOOD But Once U Rach Level U AHve To Go To Fizzy Games And Start Again
Also Hardley Any One PLays

i wish more ppl would play


Nice game, when I first saw this I expected I'd be bored in 5 minutes but I'm still kind of addicted to it.

But I agree with the other review, this game is best as a timekiller.

Good game, but half the time I had to wait absolutly ages to take the next shot, by the time it came around they had already won. How am I even supposed to beat someone who can take 4 or 5 shots in the time it take me to play one. I'm not even on a slow connection.
But apart from that it was quite good. But I'll never have a chance of winning.

that was a pretty nice pool game. very easy, but since i like pool, it was a pretty good time killer.

I hate that damn warning thing... I missed more shots becuase of it than anything else. Overall the game is fun, takes some time to figure out how to aim, but I never could get past how much I hated that buzzer. I don't know of anything more you could add to that unless you put in more versions (like 8-ball, 9-ball, etc). It is cool that it is a speed pool game, but it needs more to it.


everbody just shoots as hard as they can and hope it gos in i say dont play it unless can just want to shoot aimlessly

Played a few games. (Heh, I defeated a rank 9 in my second game)
But one of my games, I scratched and I won the game. I didn't sink any balls either. Is that a bug? Or did my opponent quit?

Nice game by the way, and I don't regularly play online multiplayers.

Well, that was fun. It's pretty fast paced and the sounds are not annoying like in many games.

Great game, except I found a major glitch. I went in to a game, left, created a room, left, and joined another room. The player I was against was "undefined" and my rank was NaN. Perhaps something got sent wrong? My score got messed up?
Well, what happened is, I'm gaining 1 rank every win. Awesome glitch :P.

Great game though, like I said. A+ :D! 5/5!

However, the lobby keeps crashing on me. And theres alot of users with hacked ratings.

i think it took alot of effort to make it online and i think that the ability to have more than 2 people in a game is great!

Loved it, played a level 26 user (not possible in the game :o), he had no icon.
Then it calculated my experience and i had Nan/80, it kept leveling me up after each game until I hit level 9 in which I then got no experience whatsoever.

Awesome game though :D

I had that problem too but except that little bug it is very nice. Keep it up! I like the way it's multiplayer and I like this way of playing pool. Good job!

That means 10/10 it was excellent.

I loved the game. Really =)
good job.
but all the action kinda freaked me out :P
Keep it up ^^

good game but same thing happened to me ..about what Guthren said
i actually had to restart my browser. but otherwise good game....i hope it svaes my rank and stuff though.

Don't worry, the game play itself runs smoothly and is actually pretty fun. My only concern is I got a "the code in the action script is causing flash player to run slowly, would you like to cancel?" warning. This happened after I clicked the "how to" button from inside the lobby. You might want to check into that.

Yahoo pool + army rankings. Not even any bonuses, such as scoring two or three in at once.

The pool physics are simply delicious. I found myself jumping for joy when I finally won an intense battle. AMAZING flash. Wonderful work.

I really liked the whole idea of scoring and giving your opponent the ball.
The fact it's multiplayer only adds up on the fun!
Also the ranking system gave it a little reward for playing
The only downside is that it gets a bit boring fast, and some people try to exploit it (waiting till you quit etc)

This game is really fun, nice job!


All it needs is beer stains on the table and some hot ladies to play against and you've got yourself the best pool game ever!

Silas Rowe, mate you are truly the Flash Maestro!

ters a pop up :(

I smell it. It smells like front page.


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