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Jedi vs. Ninja

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Jedi vs Ninja, the ultimate battle? Who will win??

Oh and there is a winner...

So it all started I was at a party and one of my friends came up to me and was like, hey I got a question, and I was like, shoot. Jedi or Ninja, who'd win? Now clearly, most people right off the bat are like, jedi no contest. But after thinking about it my friend realized that it is a good battle, and so did I. The jedi is powerful, but so is the ninja...So, here it is, the much anticipated Jedi vs. Ninja battle!

Also for all of you that are like, pssh, no battle, the jedi would just crush the ninja with the force, BZZZ wrong. The ninja is at peace with the universe into order to use magic(chakra), which is star wars terms is the force. So the force doesnt work on the ninja, but the ninja cant use the force. Make sense?

Hey, submit this to the ninja and samurai collection eh eh eh, you know you want to..?

Oh yeah, and for those of you that are curious total amount of time spent on this would be about 2 weeks, but I didn't work on it every day, so really its about 6 or 7 days of making it, and 1 day doing the sound and credits.

Some people have been asking about a sequel or something of that sort in the future. I plan on releasing the sequel around the same time this video came out last year( so this July).


ten outa ten

this movie rocks dude keep it up :D


this is well class my favoute bit is at the end when they kill each other LOL


Why is the Ninja an alchemist like on full metal alchemist?

To Zorbax

It was a great movie, really, one of the best, but Zorbax, you're over-looking something, the color of the saber didn't matter until after the Great Sith War in the Star Wars legacy. The Great Sith War was 1,000 years before episode one. Before the Great Sith War, many Jedi could simply sense the prescence of a sith, so there was no need for what the color of the cyrstal/saber color was. But during the Great Sith War, many of the temples where many of the saber crystals generated were destroyed. The 2 reasons the saber colors changed were that the Jedi became suspicious of the Sith and destroyed many of the red crystal-genereating temples near the Sith's base planets so they would use only red sabers to distinguish the Jedi from the Sith. The second reason was that the younger Jedi in training could not always sense the prescence of the Sith in case of emergency, so the Jedi destroyed the temples so the younger Jedi would be able to tell the difference as well. So after the Great Sith War, the sabers changed, but before, some Jedi DID use red sabers...

cool effects

only one problem. he's not a jedi because he has a red lightsaber. that's a sith

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Jul 20, 2007
2:18 AM EDT
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