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http://projectenthalpy.co m/walkmethroughit.txt (You'll need to remove the space from between the O and the M)

DO NOT PM ME ABOUT THE SECRET ROOM. DUE TO LITERALLY GETTING DOZENS OF PMS ABOUT IT EVERY DAY, IF YOU PM ME ABOUT THE SECRET ROOM I WILL NOT RESPOND. I understand that some of you (many of you, apparently) are very desperate to find it, but if I told even a fourth of the people who asked me, it wouldn't be a secret and the whole purpose would be defeated.

Max Games is now sponsoring Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2, so you know the game is good! Right? ...Right? Well, I think it's good. Better than your dumb platform game where I keep falling through the floor for no reason.

If the game lags too much, try exiting any other programs you have open. If it still lags, your computer is stupid. Or, you know, try a different browser. The sound lags when I play it in Firefox, but is perfect when I use Internet Explorer.

Not only is this game three times as long as the first, but it includes lots of new features and improvements, such as interactive dialogue choices, an improved inventory system, more challenging puzzles, better graphics, more varied music, less linearity, and other things that I can't remember at the moment!

The original Nicholas' Weird Adventure is my most popular (and most stolen) Flash to date. Now, over a year and a half later, the sequel is finally complete!




When I make a game, I'll put an impossible-to-find secret room, too. W00t!

Love that dog

That dog was totally random man. The games really funny if you get it. kinda dumb secret room reward though.

:D Nice.

I found this game a long time ago, but I still love it. I finally have found the secret room :O, lol. I used google of course because I was too lazy to actually try and find out for to do it. But other than that, great game. You should seriously make another.


Man, do i like me some legos. i recognised the reference to the first game there. :P

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Awesome ness, heres a guide

Step 1. Talk to the grim reaper type dude at the beginning of the game, say what you want he still teleports you and takes your dvd.
Step 2. Go into the green house next to the dog, talk to the girl and taste her pie, when she asks if you like it say it needs more sugar, is you say it's good say no when she says "Really?" or ne trapped in a horrible void of commitment.
Step3. Go to the area above you and talk to the dude by the man hole, give him the pie.
Step 4. Go to the area to the left and take the ticket from the dead dude then go down to the train station and trade the old ticket for 3.50 bucks.
Step 5. Go into the man hole then go to the pile of filth and get the bowling ball then take it to the car wash and clean it for 3.50 bucks.
Step 6. Go back to the man hole go to the hologram thngy and put the bowling ball in it...err on it. then get the fish and leave
Step 7. Go to the area you started in and go down into the docks then trade the dead for the alive one and go to shamu at the sea world excabition and give him the fish, he swallows you -.- ungrate ful sonova- er right yes...
Step 8. Go get the bottle thats on Shamu's tooth then go to the sort of brownish tooth on the left and touch it then to the right touch that one then the one at the top then the one at the right again. do that twice and proceed down Shamu's throat (Ew)
Step 9. Ok go to the greenish stuff first off then get some of it in the bottle, go to the next area over and poor it on the furry thingy (Aww) then collect the bottles.
Step 10. go to the gill place and get a straw then get the green thingy in the garbage, once you get it leave the place and go to the vending machine in the next area again.
Step 11. After a small cut scene go back to the grill place and go to the soda machine thing and get soda in the empty cans then go back to the soda machine thingy in the next area and after a small cut scene you will have 3.50 again, Bravo!.
Step 12. Go to the grill place and buy tumor tots and get an osborne dvd in the process. Leave and you will encounter a small humorous cut scene.
Step 13. Ok after the cut scene you will be in a castle in the sky (OMG) It's Morth's castle.
Step 14. Play the arcade game once, you lose, Ha ha ha you suck at life go home and cut yourselves!
Step 15. Ok after cutting your self (Lol) talk to the guard guy and give him the Tumor Tots (Yum) and he gives you the card.
Step 16. Go talk to the green guard and choose any responce they're all wrong.
Then go to the food court and talk to the bartender.
Step 17. Talk to him once and then talk to the guy in yellow, talk to him many times until he mentions the bartender. Then go talk to the bartender again and he gives you mustard, ignore what he asks you to do with it.
Step 18. Go to the second card slip thingy and you will have a small cut scene then go into the place thing.
Step 19. Go to the machine with the buttons and pres the rigth button, then press the left button twice. Then press the right button once more and the game will say "Very Easy Mode" Go play the game it should be very easy and you should win. If you dont you dont deserve to live.
Step 20. Ok after beating it go to the green guard again. pass and get the final cut
scene and the end of the game.

Sorry for spoiling this dude but it's a great game, I dont think there really IS a
secret room! Maybe it's just the place in our mind where we go to express our selves and know that every thing is all right. (Warm Feeling) :D

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NAveryW responds:

Thanks for posting this walkthrough, actually. I was going to make one, but now I can just redirect people to your review if they get stuck. =D

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