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My flatmate put this together from a lecture and I couldn't resist making a cartoon of it! Originally entered into the Ignite film festival.
I guess the message is a bit ambiguous unless you hear the whole debate which the samples were taken from, so I'll try to put it in a nutshell to avoid further confusion: The monotheistic belief in the Creator fits nicely with the big bang theory. In fact, it makes better sense of it, since it puts forth an explanation for a first cause. The definition of God is that he is uncreated, so he doesn't need a cause for himself.
Controversial? Mais oui!

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This just shows how Christians and creationists have no idea what the big bang theory is about. And just before you can say anything, just because someone doesn't know something doesn't automatically mean "God did it" there is no evidence for the existence of God, a supernatural intelligent creator, or a supernatural. There is plenty of evidence that the universe has been here much longer than the Bible says and that the Earth and all life on it formed differently than the Bible states.

Not a bad animation

So I'm not going to ding you for that but you're way off on your premise.

JarranX was right but forgot one argument: Science is not trying to "disprove God". Scientists don't really care. Science is trying to resolve how things work and why and to say "God did it" is intellectually lazy: Even if God did it, we want to know how and why.

And as far as "out of nothing, nothing comes", he MIGHT be right, but we have never seen nothing. Even the current Big Bang model does not suppose that "nothing" actually existed, but that what ever it was (the singularity) was outside of the scope of our experience and equations. And with quantum mechanics, string theory and quantum mechanics, we're starting to realize that even the most barren places in the universe are teaming with activity at sizes too tiny for us to really wrap our minds around... for now.

Good animation but stupid texts

First of all I think your animation was pretty smooth and nice to look at. The lecture (or at least these samples) is stupid and shortsighted though so I should try to undo the damage this has caused to rational thought.
The most important mistake is saying "out of nothing, nothing comes" and deduce that god must be responsible. Apparently we just don't know how it works yet. Just like we didn't know about evolution, atoms or the fact that we are not the center of the universe. Mankind has proven again and again that god is not responsible for many things. So saying that god is responsible for creating the universe is obviously betting on the wrong horse. As a proper scientist I'll always take any possibility seriously until it is disproven. But I think it is slightly more probable that this universe is just part of an ever-expanding multiverse than that someone created our universe and then decided to never show his face again. Perhaps your time is better spent listening to Richard Feynman than this guy, that way you might actually get a little closer to the truth about god and existence.
By the way, scientists have rarely actively tried to disprove the existence of god. It just flows naturally from proper observation.


I loved the weird dance moves, and how it made a lot of sense to me, and something that made SOOO much more sense after about the third time I watched this and then read Zimdorfia's review, it was hilarious too!

Whats with the

The hebrew is their because......

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3.58 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2007
2:27 AM EDT