Super Mario RPG 2: TDS P1

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Inspired by Super Mario Bros Z, created by Alvin-Earthworm, this new sprite animator has decided to start his own new series... To continue Super Mario RPG!

As my first flash...
I had some problems with making movie clips and blowing up sprites... Until I learned of the V-Cam! I didn't know of the V-Cam untill more than half the movie... Also, I had not included a fight scene because it would look bad going at 12 fps... I will include the fight scene in P2 of the series!

Well, enjoy my flash, I hope to reply to some comments ^-^.
Also, It is a really big file... almost 10mb! Plz do something else to pass the time!

Edit: Due to lack of support, I'm stopping the SMRPG2 series.


Good Part 1

Nice intro into a promising series, graphics aren't the best but that will improve with time. I did notice when Princess Peach's letter first came up at the bottom it said 'Signed Princess Peach' but when the picture of the castle focused in, it completely covered up the word 'Signed'. Not sure if that was intentional or not, just pointin out things I hope may help. Keep up the good work!

ikool responds:

Yea, the video is riddled with glitches and mistakes... XD

=D.This could be a big hit

I Like how you used SMB:superstar saga sprites. plus the Mario bros and rookie fights were my fav in the game =D Make the next one

ikool responds:

Will do cap'n ^-^

your talented...

...but you need to put more fps in there and then make the edges smoother and fix some of the colors and thats it really. good job keep it up

ikool responds:

Thats why Im puttin the fight scene in the next one goin at 18 fps

Not bad at all.

For a first flash, this is pretty ok. I quite like the concept, though I believe the writing could use a tad more work, but not much. You could put a bit more effort into the visuals, but like said for a first flash, not bad at all.

I think with time you can really improve with this, and make a rather nice series. Am looking forward to the next episode. :)

ikool responds:

Im guessing the graphics may have looked bad because it was running at 12 fps, im making the next one 18 fps so then the animation will run smoother

Not Bad, Not Bad.

Interesting... a continuation of SMRPG... (which totally rocked my socks btw ;3) Very nice. I'll be looking forward to the next episode ;)


ikool responds:

Wow! thanks a lot!

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Jul 19, 2007
12:42 AM EDT