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Super City

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Author Comments

Buy buildings and stores.
Try to get a population of 600.
Buy the things you think would make more money first.
Bills are 800 so make sure you always have an extra $800.
Don't spend more money then you have.


This game is actually very cool!
But I would like to upgrade everything, and maybe build a bigger city...

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(title in work)

As far as flash based SimCity type games go, this was pretty well done. It was fairly well programmed and had nice music as well. The game was a bit easy though. It lacks a lot of the interactivity that you have in more complex games of this nature. A bit too linear for me as well. There aren't enough options on what to do.

Girdf responds:

try the 3rd super city...

pretty well thought out

Pretty good game. I guess you like sim type games eh?

Now it could use with a little extra. It deffinetly lacked in graphical quality. The fact that everything was built and you could see what was going to be built wasn't too good. For the houses put some fences around them. The swimming pool could have belonged to either of the three houses surrounding it. Also if you do add fences put no back yard for $500 ones, the tree for the $800 one and around the swimming pool for the $1000 one. The school, hospital, hotel, gas station and theater lacked in every aspect of graphics, although the flashing lights on the theater do make it look a little better.

How about adding some more buildings in and being able to upgrade them like a $500 house to an $800 house then to a $1000 house then possibly one going into a mansion?
Hotel: could be upgraded from a 1 star all the way to a 5 star hotel...with valet parking?
Fire station: 1 truck->2 trucks->4 trucks. Fire Hydrants would make a good touch
Hospital: Why are there no ambulances? You expect someone who has 2nd degree burns to walk to hospital?
Wal-Mart:Could be a little convenience store and then get bigger then grows to a wal-mart

Adding a church would be nice as you could show "weddings" and also a graveyard.
You could also add:
A car lot
A theme park
A pier if it's on the coast
A library
A college
A university
A bar?
Hurricanes, Tornadoes Earthquakes and floods
Being able to fix buildings is a good idea

You have a police station yet nothing happens to it...Maybe crime and burglary? Also try adjusting the amount you pay to fit the size of the town. Like $50 for a house then $100 for bigger buildings like the fire and police station. Then $250 for something the size of the school or hotel.

Like I said good game, keep it up and try improve your graphics OR partner up with someone who's better at it.

PS. A new idea for you to try out...Sim school

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Girdf responds:


i've been making a super city 2

it has pretty much 80% of the things you said

This was a good game BUT...

It was good, but i do have some suggestions.

First, add a way to repair things. When one of my houses burned down, i couldnt do anything about it.

Second, find something for the player to do after everything is built. I had to sit and wait for my population to go up.

Third, final, and most important thing: Make a sequil!

Girdf responds:

i am making a...sequil...haha

its sequel

this was relly good

it kind of remindid me of a dumbed down sim city but i liked it a lot


Girdf responds:

thanks i'm making a second one

hopefully its better

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Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2007
12:14 AM EDT
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