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Virtual Stoner V.1

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Virtual Stoner V.1
More features to be added soon!
****Updates already on the way****

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Well this was interesting the stuck taking a hit well that was notbad I feel like there could be more content more ways for the player to have more interactive elements within the game but overall it was pretty entertaining anyways nice entry


Hmm, guess this is close as I'll get to getting high. :P Would be fun with some changes the more you smoke, hallucinations, thicker smoke, psychadelic music, everything slowing down... doesn't seem like anything really happens? Keep workin on it!


(title in work)

This seems rather pointless to me. Watch a stick figure take a hit from a bong. It doesn't get me high, it only makes me feel less high if that is possible. Graphically it was pretty decent though. I'm not sure who this game would appeal to, but perhaps you could have made it more interesting by adding things such as scoring the drugs, shooting up some drug dealers, something cool like that.

alright one

well, i've seen a fair number of Stoner animations and games on here, so it was somewhat unroiginal for me, but this virtual stoner was quite funny and cool to check out. it's nothing i'd play on a regular basis, but it was still quite nice to fool around with.

Well, its a start.

The music and sound effects fit good, but the game itself was to short. This to me seemed like a rough draft for a future game rather than a game itself. Try adding some depth to the game like having the guy grow his own plants, different bong selections, even the occasional raiding of the cupboards for munchies.

Good start, needs a good deal more effort though.

Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
8:01 PM EDT