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Stabika ep.1 Escape

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I hope you all enjoy the first entry in the interactive series based off the story of Kade, the acrobatic and deadly product of The Corperation's Godless experiments. For those of you who have played the 'God of War' series, you will have the upper hand in Adventure mode.

Controls: You will be prompted RANDOMLY to press the following keys:

A, S, D, Left, Up, Right and Down.

Press them fast enough, while being careful not to press the WRONG button prompted, and clear the stage to elude your captors.Comments are welcome, as I do try to reply to everyone's comment sooner or later! If you really like it, do us a favor and suggest it to the Action Games collection!


Awesome man, simply awesome.

I played this game three times, and I still would gladly spend 10 minutes trying to do it perfectly. Can't wait for #2, and I swear I will get the special surprise by lasting 180 seconds in Suicidal. I loved this!!!

TheMillz responds:

3 times?!? Really?!? Damn, that's awsome man, I'm really glad you liked it! Seriously, to get such great feedback about a charecter I made is a really great feeling. The sequel is innovating the core gameplay and adding in new elements like the survival mode you've read about.

this game is the best

Ass kicking, andrenaline pumping action

One of the best games I've ever seen...(well...excluding Stabika 2 :D). Definetly going on my faves!

TheMillz responds:

Kool, we beat ourselves :P

Thanks for the posative review, took us a while to get this game done, even longer for ep. 2, glad to see it wasn't for nothing :D

yeah yeah yeah

one of the est games on here shit 2 say it daz da bomb

5/5 10/10

Awesome game, I like how its one of those click before its too late kind of game, but seems too bloody to me. My favorite was Stabika 2

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4.23 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
6:54 PM EDT
Skill - Typing