Stabika ep.1 Escape

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I hope you all enjoy the first entry in the interactive series based off the story of Kade, the acrobatic and deadly product of The Corperation's Godless experiments. For those of you who have played the 'God of War' series, you will have the upper hand in Adventure mode.

Controls: You will be prompted RANDOMLY to press the following keys:

A, S, D, Left, Up, Right and Down.

Press them fast enough, while being careful not to press the WRONG button prompted, and clear the stage to elude your captors.Comments are welcome, as I do try to reply to everyone's comment sooner or later! If you really like it, do us a favor and suggest it to the Action Games collection!


I enjoyed it

I love the story and gameplay, the way you have to press the keys within the time limit even though sometimes you dont have to have a quick reaction. I cant wait to play to episode two! This is one of my favs BTW

TheMillz responds:

Wow thanks man. Well, your wait is over it would seem, you can ( at this point in time ) access the seconed episode on the Newgrounds frontpage right this very moment :)

If you liked this one, which I can see by your score of 8, you did, then ep:2 should not dissapoint! :D


It was ok, but comparing this to God of War is a joke! I mean in God of War if you mess up on a button press or a controler motion you didn't die you just lost some HP and you had some reaction time in the mini-games to make sure your did the button presses/controler motions the right way. Best piece of adviceI can give you is to go back to the drawwing board and re-do the game; make the regular part of the game--running jumping, climbing stuff, ect part of a regular conrtol set and either leave out the arrow key/letter pressing stuff or save it for boss battels

TheMillz responds:

Not true! In the final battle with Zues, if you lost the button combo thing, even 1, it was instant death. Try getting your facts strait before you bash our work.Especially due to the fact YOU have nothing to show for yourself. This is normally the part where I call you names, but the sequel, Stabika 2, just got on THE FRONT PAGE!.

So yea..you know...suck it. :P

Great graphics!

The graphics are incredible, and random button presses made it more exciting and gave it some replay value if you died. The story and character design was interesting, though the first time I booted it up a glitch happened where it didn't display an arrow or a letter on the key, so I died every time.

TheMillz responds:

Really? That's very strange, no one elnse mentioned this glitch ever before... Sure hope you could play it through at some point! Thanks for the great review, and episode 2 is nearly days away from absolute completion, so stay tuned. :D

so, um

What is Stabika really about? the main character is a mutant that I know, what is the series about?

TheMillz responds:

Stabika is a story of revenge. The Corperation turned Kade into what he is now, and now this new organazation is trying to clean up their mistakes. They're doing that by trying to destroy Kade and the other secret projects like him, which is why he's on this strange planet. That's all for now. Ep.2 ( which can be expected soon, like mabey even before the end of this month ) will take the story even farthur. It will also open up more questions to be answered in future episodes. Stay tuned.

BTW, thanks for the 9 score ;)

You got Review'd!

This is a good game, great mechanics and simple controls. Number two is going to be less simplistic, so I'll get ready. The only bad thing about this is that I can't find Survival Mode. I searched every button, and all I can find is Adventure Mode. Can you help me with that?

TheMillz responds:

Yea bro, sorry if you didn't hear ( gatta update some information ) Although we expected to release it with ep.1, certain bug needed some re-working, so it will be in ep.2. Sorry for the inconvienience. Your wait will be paid off though, I promise. Thanks for reviewing.

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4.23 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
6:54 PM EDT
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