Zomedy ep.1

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I've been working on this project since the beggining of summer, and I believe it's my best work yet. I've been wanting to get into the zombie collections since I started flash, so if you like it, please suggest it! :D Also, the movie is too big as a whole, so I broke it into parts. This is just part 1. It's also a new art-style for me. It's not completly serious. And it's not completly a comedy. So just take it how it is: episode 1 of Zomedy.

There are some great voice actors who contributed, and I thank them all for the help. Enjoy the movie. I look forward to reading your reveiws, I do try to respond to every one of them!

P.S: It runs fine on my computer, but for some reason, when it plays here the mouths are all outta sync and there are these long pauses. Try to overlook that. Thanks.


Timing is off

the timing of your flash is off a bit, you should fix that, but the movie's kinda nice nevertheless


I thought the idea was okay, but dude you need to sync up the voices witht he mouth soooo badly. That and a couple of the charactors needed to do better, they were doing that little kid shit that they start talking really quiet and then do some crappy yells and shit. I suggest do a whole voice and lip sync do over. But I did like your animation and drawings, pretty good/simple


but the mouthes was off

Some syncing issues

It was pretty funny, but every single audio line is off sync with the animation. Fix that and resubmit it.

Pretty good, keep working on it.

One thing that got to me was how slow it was. Work on getting a faster pace going, and work on your lip-syncing, some times it was like a Japanese film where the people kept talking after the line was done. You could use some work on the voices too, but they were good enough. Good job man, looking foward to ep 2

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3.77 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
5:15 PM EDT
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