Zomedy ep.1

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I've been working on this project since the beggining of summer, and I believe it's my best work yet. I've been wanting to get into the zombie collections since I started flash, so if you like it, please suggest it! :D Also, the movie is too big as a whole, so I broke it into parts. This is just part 1. It's also a new art-style for me. It's not completly serious. And it's not completly a comedy. So just take it how it is: episode 1 of Zomedy.

There are some great voice actors who contributed, and I thank them all for the help. Enjoy the movie. I look forward to reading your reveiws, I do try to respond to every one of them!

P.S: It runs fine on my computer, but for some reason, when it plays here the mouths are all outta sync and there are these long pauses. Try to overlook that. Thanks.


As the others have said...

This was an awesome video. I am a sucker for zombie videos and this was no different. Now with that said a major problem I had with the movie was the horrible syncing problems. If you have ever downloaded a movie off the internet you would know it is a huge pain in the ass to view a out of sync video. It ruins it and makes the movie unbearable even if it is an awesome movie. I suggest a re-release where the mouth movements are synced with the voice overs. A Lot of the time in this video you had the mouth moving too much. Cut out those unnecessary frames and add more detail (Grains of hair and such) and this quite possibly may be feature material. Awesome work otherwise. Props!

Needs work

This could have been MUCH better, but the video and the audio were so out of sync with each other I couldn't make it past the Floppydick guy. It has potential.

Couldve been better

Not bad, but the whole lipsynce problem ruined the whole video. All in all, I suggest fixing up the video for a better score.

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Good but you need to work on the lip syncing...

Nice man but one problem :(

A hell of a movie just that i like with zombies in but the only thing was that the audio was a bit miss placed and that was a downer but pretty mutch everything was GREAT but now to the FLASH CAVE ! got a new tablt ... muhahaha

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3.77 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
5:15 PM EDT
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