4 Swords Misadventures 4

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**Update: before I get anymore questions about Future Four Swords episodes, I suggest that you read this post: http://hadoukendude. newgrounds.com/news/post/
12535 **

This episode was #6 in the top 50! Kick ass! Thanks Newgrounds!
Though it doesn't surprise me that others will complain about it and downvote to get rid of the flash from the list...
Thanks for the front page Tom.
Note: this episode is nearly as long as part 3. Don't tell me this one's short when part 1 was the shortest of all the episodes...

Flash #22 The adventure continues in this new episode. Sorry for the 7 month long hiatus guys, but the important thing here is that it's finally out.
In this episode, the links attempt to figure out what to do with the cucco that was delivered to them in part 3.
As some of you might already know. Spike da Penguin will not be reprising his role as Red link due to the fact that he's fulfilling other projects at the moment (visit his youtube page for more info). However,as the saying goes:The show must go on . I decided to find another voice actor to play red and his name is Richard Fincher. He may be new to voice acting, but I'd recommend that you guys give him a chance. I also hired other newcomers to this series: Ian Kovich (kenkaku) will be playing Vaati and Sahasrahla (the Elder from ALTTP) ,Saul Miquilena makes a small cameo as the priest and Rina-chan (AKA kagome) will be reprising her role as Zelda.

This episode makes references not only to previous Zelda games, but also a few popular animes , a 90s WB cartoon and even another flash series made by a bunch of "nobodies" , * hint hint ;) * This and much more.
anyway, that's all for now. enjoy, vote fair and get a snack while you're at it.


Pretty good

really good. Not much to complain about really. Maybe improve the voice actors but apart from that, it's fine. A minigame might be nice.


XD This is great material dude!!!
It totally rocks, nice graphics and a GREAAAT Story xDD
Good job dude!

I love it!

Masterfully done, many thanks for submiting this! Give me regards to the writer, this is pretty damn funny.

HadoukenDude responds:

Unlike episode 3 which was written completely by me, this one was co written by me and another voice actor of the flash.

very nice

that made me luagh more then once. nice story line and good effects like music, and visuals.

Nicely Done!

"Red's getting cocked-slapped out there" Freagin Hilarious

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Jul 18, 2007
2:52 PM EDT
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