ExtraLovely HentaiPuzzle2

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The 2nd game in the Extra Lovely hentai puzzle series! The focus of this game is hardcore sex.

- 10 high-quality puzzles
- A relaxing soundtrack
- An incredible bonus if you manage to complete all the puzzles!

WARNING: This game is not for anyone under the age of 18.

The end-of-game bonus is very hardcore. If you are easily offended, please do not watch.

IMPORTANT! I need a theme for Extra Lovely 3! If you can think of anything, please write a comment!

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loved it!.. and right click, forward... still gets the puzzle complete just like your last one.. :)

Go back to girl-on-girl for #3.

Expecting More. (Damn! I made it leave 69 reviews)

The title IS a double-entendre!
However, as one reviewer, Coop, mentioned, this should have a sideboard/pasteboard for the pieces to start with, and the assembly location beside it... however, I don't know how hard this would be to engineer in Flash.
The other thing is, that, barring interface slowness (it crawls under some browsers), this was easy, if not completely to my taste (my BF and I took turns placing pieces). It should be more difficult (four to ten times the number of pieces, at least). Also, the background should always conflict with the pieces (a lot of black against a lot of black presents a special kind of headache ^_^ ). Larger images, too (640x480 is sooo 2000), actually I had a 1600x1024 display back then... ^_^

The two main suggestions implemented would raise this to an 8, A longer and more varied soundtrack would bring it to a 9 (with a volume control), and something totally unique, could push it to the top. If you are good with programming, rotating the pieces (90° at a time, at least) would make the difficulty even higher (and more realistic).

And I suggest for the next ones, if you ever do them:
Yaoi! Yaoi! Yaoi! Some like it really Hard!
Hermaphrodites! The best of both worlds!
Orgies! The More the Merrier!
Virtual Kama-Sutra! Positions folks!

The V K-S one should have a very large number puzzles, and would take you a while just to find as many as you could that would fit the actual positions (and, yes, it should match one of the visual Kama-Sutras).

BTW, my BF loves the first intermission moving image (girl with blue hair) and wants to know what game it came from, he thinks it's from a company called ZYX (?).


nice game, could you make the part 3?


goodbye sexy women hah:)

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3.49 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
7:25 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other