DOTS! 13 (Mona Lisa)

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A brief Flash about Dots, and the origin of the Mona Lisa. 13th one in the series, hope you all enjoy.

Music by: Tax-5 - Toujours (edited by me).


Lots of gradients

You tend to use lots of gradients I suppose thats ok, but you may want to think about moving away fom that style and onto more original stuff, adding more humor would also be a big plus.

So again I will mention that these should be longer and the whole idea of a story needs to have more "DEPTH" aswell as bringing some more humor aboard.


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I never knew how the Mona Lisa Started, but now I do.

This flash was funny, storyline was great, music was great, and to addiction of this flash, it was informative :)

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Nice flash, the ending was funny although it was a bit easy to predict :3
Good job.


I really liked it, its like art trying to express art with art. Did you read up on books and discover thats how the painting was conceived? Where the lady got upset and broke his paint brush, he was going to toss the painting but realized it could be worth money so he illustrated it later? Or is that just a bit you added?

Nice job on the flash, first movie I watched since the site update, congrats I enjoyed watching it, If only the old review panels were still up I'd explain how many points you got on what part of your flash . =)

Thank you.

5/5 Vote Panel

8 stars out of 10.

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Well, it's ok...

There isn't enough action to suit the music though, I gave you a 2/5. I understand that you used dots as characters for a reason, but dots are rather over used.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
4:36 AM EDT
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