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Over thirty artists have come together to make short movies about transforming robots! Like Autobots and Decepticons, there's both good and bad in this collab... But you'll need to watch it all the catch some of the best!


Whered mine go?

Um... wow , my part was better than like 10 of those and where is it? Anyways , i only found stampers good. But i guess it was ok.

TomFulp responds:

Did I email you back about yours? Email me about it... I don't have any emails from your registration address and don't see your name on any of the files I have.


My favorite ones were Mindchamber, Stamper, and Keicho...I can't spell it...
Anyways yeah it was great...


After seeing the Transformers movie I had to contribute something. This collab was great and all around funny. All the artists did amazingly in such a short time frame. Well I'll be back with more animations soon!


It's so cool to see all the pieces together! Good job to everyone!


It's finally finished. I really like the fact that you gave some other people chances to have their names on the co-authors, especially since a lot of the bigger / better guys were a little bit late. Well, good job definetaly.

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