World War 3 : Air Defense

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PLEASE REVIEW! With the redesign it has gotten much easier to quickly review!

Additionally, i'm the owner of the other NG account, Axlenz-FlashElite.



I was dissapointed, extremely. The only I like about was the Hybrid song which I added to my favorites about ten minutes before I played. Everything about this was horrible I thought I was doing the training missions and found out it was the campaign. OVERAll 2/10


wasn't that good but potentially it could be awesome, just needs more weapons and maybe you could purchase upgrades?

just some ideas...

!"Orks will pwn you"!

Sinvader responds:

Yes yes, this is game was made quite a while ago, i'm working on a new one with a completely new theme!

Very nice

If this is your first game you've ever made, very nice. If not, then please try and work on it a bit more. The controls were very simple and easy to use, but the graphics seemed to lack a bit, and the overall animations seemed a bit sketchy.

Sinvader responds:

Yes, it was the first official game I ever made. However, I know I could do better, and I will.

It was alright

Not exceptional in my book, but it entertained be for a few minutes.

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Sinvader responds:

Thanks, i'll be improving on it!

Pretty Good!

When I first saw the game's name I thought it was going to be another generic defence game, but the combat system was really unique and quite fun! Good game, could use more levels though.

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Sinvader responds:

Wow thanks! Yeah ii'll improve it.

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