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Author Comments

This is an older work of mine, done as a final project for a college class. Enjoy!
All animation was hand drawn with pencils and pens, and composited with live action elements using green screening.
EDIT- Fixed extremely low quality of file. There is however still a higher quality version on Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/Ba rfQuestion
For more movies, a Monday thru Friday comic, and more, visit my site at: http://barfquestion.com

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This Flash is AWESOME! I like how you combined real life elements with drawings, and how you actually burned up the paper for the laser-eye effect. Having your hand act as the monster was clever, especially how it combined with the cartoonish surroundings.I also loved the humor. "Someone put creamed corn in my IV... aaaaauuuuuuurrrrrgghhhh..."
I liked the part where the monster crushed one guy with its finger and all the other passersby can say is "Ugh, my CARDIGAN!" XD

cool vid.

really good for an early movie, you've done good
- i liked how your hand is the monster i thought that was great
- nice little people they look really funny

I loved it

amazing how you used real stuff in the animation, like the burning and especially the finger squishing the guy, new age stuff man


I ussually love your cartoons, they're awesome, but they don't generally have voices in them, that's what I like about them


it was awesome!