Music Masquerade

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THE single most original rock out game. Not like every other that has just copied DDR. I hope you have fun.

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Good, but not a music game

This isn't a music game just because music plays a part of the plot.
Now that's out of the way; this game was fun, but not very well-made. About half of the time, the background picture was poorly spliced together, (coughleveltwocough) the music quality for "Foundation" was atrocious, and... was that an eagle I just ducked under? Plus, your title just sounds like you took a cool sounding word that blended well with music, seeing as this game has nothing to do with masquerading at all. But it actually makes sense if you think about it; this is a driving game masquerading as a music game.
All in all, this game was pretty fun, but sometimes the quality distracted from that fun.
7/10 because I'm nice.

8 out of 10

It was okay, really odd, though. Hah hah! I mean, it was unexpectecd the car/driving thing. It didn't really make out to be a 10 out of 10, because the keys didn't always work :/ I liked the music, though, lol
8 out of 10

well... not too good actually

the concept isnt that bad, but the whole steering suckedĀ²! sometimes it didnt stop jumping, or it didnt react to my keys. and i can jump over those obstacles without hitting them... if i dont hit them when i go up i hit them when i go down. also it is impossible to jump bitween the bird and the ground obstacle. i always hit the bird w/e i try. summary: good concept, badly made.

Fun game

It was fun but later in the game it gets way too hard.

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Jul 16, 2007
12:28 AM EDT
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