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World of Warcraft short

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I had an idea to make an animation about World of WarCraft with the charm of a children's storybook-esque look and went with it.

This is my first submission to the portal. I learned a lot with this animation. I started it on a Friday and finished it on the related Sunday, so if it seems a bit rushed and a little rough around the edges, that's because... it is.

In any case, I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave constructive comments! I was thinking of doing another with actual story... or maybe start up a StarCraft or Diablo version... who knows! Blizzard needs more love on newgrounds!


Not bad.

That was a pretty nice job for a first timer... and I loved the undead dude munching on the night elf, props for that hilarious bit...

But yeah, that music didn't match up with the speed of the animation... did you mean for it to go faster?

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Buttered-Noodle responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed that! The undead guy was my inspiration for continuing with the project as I wasn't sure if I could make the style I was going for. He was my first character to design and presented a lot of challenges. It was fun though and I'm glad you could appreciate him!

As for the music, it seemed to have happened somehow when I submitted. I am trying to fix it at the moment and I hope to before the night is over! Thanks for the review!

It was pretty good.

Seeing as this is your first submission I can see you only getting more adept at this as you go on. Great job, and good luck for all your future work.

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Buttered-Noodle responds:

Thank you very much for the compliments!


It's good for a first submission. Heres some stuff to improve on though.

Please read through all of this review.

First of all when they turn it looks like they are flat. Try not to do that. Draw different angles of them. This takes more time but comes out great.
Second of all add some sounds other than the music from that cartoon (I forget what it's called)
Third make a longer movie. I know this is meant to be a short but try make a longer movie next time.
Fourth it looked too tweened. Try to do FbF (Frame by frame) Which is putting each limb on a different layer and animating them one at a time without using tweens. Takes much longer but it makes movements look more realistic when used correctly.
Fifth I like your style of drawing.
Sixth keep making somewhat humorous cartoons. It seems to suit you.

I hope you improve on the next one. Try to follow some of the critisism I have said. It will make your movies so much better.


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Buttered-Noodle responds:

Thanks for your input! I will probably keep the way they turn though hehe ^_^

Good for a first job.

I think that this was really good for a first job. I enyojed it for a few seconds, but then It got sort of "slow", Loved the part with the Troll vs. Gnome.
Just a few things I didn't like:
1. The music didnt fully fit in with the movie, as Terran also said it "didnt match up with the speed of the animation".
2. That the movie didnt have either a story / dialogue / other sound that the music was sort of annoying
3. It was pretty short.

I have some advices for you:
*You should go ahead and make another movie with Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo theme.
*Take your time making it. It's better to make a good movie for a long time than a crappy movie in short time.
*Think about making a story, and maybe some dialogue.

Don't take this as something "mean" and I'm sorry for my horrible spelling, I've been up for quite some time and haven't gotten enough coffee, and I'm not that good at english anyways :-P
Good luck with future projects!

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Buttered-Noodle responds:

I take nothing you said as anything mean! In fact this is exactly what I was hoping for!

See, I knew that making an animation would be very time consuming, and, well, that is definitely an understatement! Haha! So I didn't want to go ahead with a full project before testing the waters. I wanted to make sure that I would have something that people might be interested in, so I decided I would make a short animation to test the waters.

The problems people are experiencing seem to be something with the frame rate which will be fixed as soon as I can figure out (or find) a solution.

Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement! I will definitely be sure to make use of both and I hope you'll review my next submission whenever it might be released!

Hello, Buttered-Noodle.

I like the idea of making a World of Warcraft themed movie short. The graphics were fine but not the best. The movie was, to be absolutely honest, boring. I play World of Warcraft myself and did not see the feeling of it if you get what I am saying. But it was OK, just good though.

Movie: 2.5/10
Graphics: 4/10
Gore/Violence: 1/10
Length: 0.5/10
Age Rating: Definitely an E. Not a lot of violence, whatsoever. Good for anyonw who likes World of Warcraft, but it is not really good in length or movie. Total Explicit Content: 3/100

Total: 8/40. Not the best movie I have watched on Newgrounds but it was light and for kids who play WoW.

Thanks for reading my review and please take it onboard for future changes :)

- Conallpjmk

Buttered-Noodle responds:

Hey, thanks for the very thorough critcism. I made this 7 years ago and it was my first real animation! I am pretty proud of the outcome when you consider that context. But yes, it is very boring! Now that I look back on it, I have to remind myself that I was just trying to mesh a storybook kind of art with WoW and keep it light-hearted... but yes, very boring! I was just having some fun.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to make such a detailed explanation of your views and I think it's really cute how you have come up with stats and ranges for all sorts of peculiars. Thank you for your generosity with the rating as it seems very generous given your statistical outcomes. As you can see I do not log in very often, so to come back and find such responses is very entertaining and enjoyable for me. Thanks, sorry I am 2 years late to respond!

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3.05 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2007
12:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody