World of Warcraft short

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I had an idea to make an animation about World of WarCraft with the charm of a children's storybook-esque look and went with it.

This is my first submission to the portal. I learned a lot with this animation. I started it on a Friday and finished it on the related Sunday, so if it seems a bit rushed and a little rough around the edges, that's because... it is.

In any case, I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave constructive comments! I was thinking of doing another with actual story... or maybe start up a StarCraft or Diablo version... who knows! Blizzard needs more love on newgrounds!


Heh its bad...

it wasnt good enough so just try the music from starcraft ep5 infestation in part 1 admiral's fall ok and make it more violent.

Buttered-Noodle responds:

Umm, ok...? I am not sure what that suggestion would do for me.


nice but that song is off "Foster's Home for Imagainary Friends" so dont say its yours. i know you havent said the song is made by you but just for future reference.
I like the part when the gnome hides btw lol and then gets pwned by the troll. HORDE FTW

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Buttered-Noodle responds:

Well, I am glad you liked, however, you should pay closer attention at the credits. I cite that the music was from Foster's. :)

Thanks for watching however!


Well done I dont give alot of good reviews.. or reviews period, but yours is worth a 10 star! Good job -thumbs up-

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Buttered-Noodle responds:

Thanks for your generous review! I am glad you enjoyed my short. I am working on a StarCraft one, with dialogue and all! (WoW!) Anyway, thanks for leaving me a review!


....stuff as far as the art goes. But I think a lot of folk will probably vote lower because of the hectic, annoying music. But not I,...good work.

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Buttered-Noodle responds:

Well thank you for for your review. I agree, I think that most users want more out of an animation than just a simple little exhibition such as what I have made here. With that said I am glad that you could enjoy it for what it was! Thanks!


that was cool, i love the undead warlocks!!! they pwn!!!

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Buttered-Noodle responds:

As an alliance player, I hate all horde (equally) and warlocks especially! haha! thanks for watching!

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3.05 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2007
12:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody