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WOW! Jerm and I are truly overjoyed by the response. Thanks for the daily feature, front page, and kind reviews. Our goal was to present an original experience that you could really get lost in and it seems that we've succeeded to some extent.
Again, thank you for your love, we definitely wouldn't have the motivation to continue working if it weren't for this great community.

In response to those complaining about this being a submission to the Rock Out contest:
Believe it or not, our biggest inspirations came from games like Parappa the Rappa and Guitar Hero. The contest challenged us to make a creative and original music-based game. We took the approach of the previously mentioned games and tried to break the mold. Guitar Hero (as a music simulation) was all about changing your perspective on what a music-based game should be, we tried to do the same, and we feel we were moderately successful.


An interactive journey through ParagonX9's latest song, 'Chaoz Fantasy'

Warning, graphically intense! Close other applications/flash documents to increase performance.

Programming by Monkokio
Art/Animation by Jerm
Music by ParagonX9



i dont know what the F**K i just played but i loved it and played it 3 times

ok, that totally new

That was actually the first time I have ever played a game in that style, and I would have to say that was pretty entertaining.


That was totally awsome how you just kept! going! and changing backrounds! totally awsome! it totally fits with the song you should make it more chaos thou like him runing through a field where its wretched and metors are falling like hell or something for real!

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I wish there was more like this it make me feel warm inside it also lets me get lost in the music and you dont really have to do anything but it was still great six thumbs up if i had the extra four arms...

Full of trippy goodness!

It was really quite an amazing 'game', the music was great, and I think it may deserve a sequel.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
8:28 PM EDT