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We Are Legend:Arockalypse

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Author Comments

(Download for best results)
Play guitar, roast zombies, throw them into spinning lawnmower blades, feed them to your hyena,and let your drummer saw them in half with his chainsaw!!! (Try the lower difficulty levels if it's too hard!)

Like Guitar Hero, you can hold down the buttons as long as you want- they won't fire till you hit the spacebar. Use this to your advantage and get ready for the zombies as they approach.
Give training wheels mode a spin if you find Standard mode difficult (and use the cheats, if you really need to).
Build your righteous bar up by killing zombies.
PRESS THE ALT KEY IF YOU'RE IN TROUBLE! You'll roast all the zombies, have unlimited fuel, and get some breathing room.
Finally, be sure to visit the shops to buy some new gear. It's real hard to beat the game without a zombie killin' hyena.

If it seems too difficult, you need to play around with the Training Wheels mode first. After you get the hang of it, Standard mode is a really well-balanced challenge.

If you don't like the keys, you can change them. Go to the settings screen and change away.
And if you think the introduction lags,press the "skip to game" button- that's what it's there for, baby.

SOME PLAYERS ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH "RIGHTEOUSNESS"- If you're pressing 'ALT' and the game is getting messed up (like the music stops, but the xombies keep coming forever or some shit like that), you need to change the keys in the options/settings menu. Change ALT to ENTER, and you should be set.

And finally: this game was made for the Newgrounds/ArmorGames Rock Out competition. So there was a very tight deadline with no guarantee of compensation. It doesn't have many songs, the control scheme is a bit awkward, and it could have used some QA time. But it was made in under two months while I was working a day job, so bear that in mind if you find yourself hating it.

Hold Q,W,E,R,T,Y to set your zombie traps, press the spacebar to fire them. Press ALT to unleash your righteous guitar-playing skills (once you've charged them up). Press TAB to convert session combo points to Righteousness.

Special thanks to NAL1200, ArmorGames, and everyone who recommended this game to collections.

Finally hit 4.00 today- thanks for everything, Newgrounds!


I have stupid hands...

This game is nice, but my hands are too uncoordinated and I mess up when theres too many zombies, it seems off beat too.

Great Game 1 problem

This is a fantastic game. It's better than many others of this type I've seen. But, there is one problem. On my computer when you use the alt for the righteous power you lose the sound as well as game play and being kept from completing the song.

Great game but needs more upgrades!

The only downfall of this game was the total lack of upgrades...I thought maybe you unlocked them but seems you dont...I liked the blend of defence and rythm games though :)

and I love Zombies...so you're already onto a winner


JohnnySedona responds:

It depends on the difficulty level. If you play Easy mode, you pretty much start with everything. On standard difficulty, you'd start with basically nothing, and you'd have to unlock and then buy the metal grinder, chainsaw, hyena, lawnmowers, and land mines. Easy mode was a last minute addition- I didn't realize how difficult the game would be to first timers. Since I stuck it in there on the last day, without any planning, it came out a little unbalanced. Good call, though.

Well , i kinda liked it. But...

I liked the concept of the game.It was kinda fun but i hoped for more upgrades and maybe something different because it sort of got repetitive after some time. Maybe a change of zombies would be nice. I cant really give u any hints but it was missing something . And lol for the cheat section... an 8/10.

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Good idea, needs improvment

Like after you have bought everything and played each area, there is nothing to do. On the hardest it could get i was getting about a 105%-120% each time.

JohnnySedona responds:

That's what we call casual gaming, baby. It was a small game, and if it had been any bigger, I would have lost my mind.

I promise you this, though- if there's ever a sequel, it'll rain zombie guts for years.

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