Dunce Dunce Revolution

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Here's my entry for the "Rock Out" games collection, and also the very first RAB game! I hope you enjoy it; Andy (of Left Brain Games) and I were working right down to the wire getting this one finished today!


not your best work

It was midly entertaining as I tried to keep going through all of the beats and althoug hI got passed level 5 at the end, there wasn't much of a celebratory thing. I much prefer your cartoon series.

The arrows didn't feel to fit in with a beat and at times the arrows were lagging behind. Good idea, just felt a bit poorly exectued.

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This game owns.

I like the songs on this game, but I could never beat level 5, because I suck ^_^.


wow... this sucked more balls than Michael jackson... but seriously i only gave this a 5 cause of the RAB characters otherwise its a waste of space.... and the note were off with the beat so much i had no idea what happened.... so yeah get this out and do us all 2 favors now..... DONT make anymore things like this. and unplug your computer now, never touch it, and be emo for the rest of your life. ok?

too easy

There's some things that suck in this game.
It's way too easy.
Level 4's lagging for me, I have a fast computer and avarage internet speed.

ohhhh you cant be stan (satan)

i dont see how its so bad i think its goo and it has cool songs

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3.58 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
7:45 AM EDT