Dunce Dunce Revolution

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Here's my entry for the "Rock Out" games collection, and also the very first RAB game! I hope you enjoy it; Andy (of Left Brain Games) and I were working right down to the wire getting this one finished today!



Ummmmm...It was quite....Special in a weird way.but i know you can do better than THAT Dave! I Mean I Just Know It!

Dare to be different and make a stupid game?

I really like your cartoons, but this was just really, really stupid. The game had nth to do with music, those were just randomly coming arrows, so what's the fun in that? And I also didn't like the idea of the down key being in the right. Sure, you wanna be different, but come on, that's just lame. If you wanna be different then be different in a cool way. Making a lame game is lame, but making a lame game and saying "Dare to be different!" is even lamer. :(

Not what rhythm games should be like...

I was playing this and thinking of just how poor of an example this is of a rhythm based game. The levels did get increasingly harder...but it was really no fun to play. The sync didnt seem on, but the gfx made up for that which rly shudnt be the case in any game. The arrows also confused me in the way they were set up with the down arrow on the right side, as opposedto the correct layout of the arrows.

Overall: Gfx were superb no question, but judging on gameplay, interactivity and fun, it just wasnt....(and i beat all 5 levels)......

GL in the contest,

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Dave responds:

My take is that changing things around like the arrow keys adds challenge to it, as opposed to 100% cloning every other rhythm game out there. Dare to be different!


A great game, it's mad when you get to level 5, i can't belive i completed it.

keep up the good work 9/10

Nice work Dave.

That was really quite good. Good choice of songs, and it was also pretty hard, unlike other Rock Out! submissions. The RAB theme was a nice touch too.

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3.58 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
7:45 AM EDT