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Hunter Zero Ep.4

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HZ5 - 03/24/09 -
Thank you for your patience.

After a long time the 4th part it's finally out. Before i get question about the voice acting all i can say is that i tried. But for some reason or the other, i wasnt able to get voice actors for all the characters. And i waited quite a while and even tried getting new people but i just couldnt find anyone. Now with that cleared, enjoy this movie and i will start working on the last episode right now so it can be finished as soon as possible.


Great work

Fantastic job with this one, but it lost something without the voice actors.
The one thing that threw me off was that some lines were spoken, but others were not. Next time, try to make it either spoken or not spoken, not a mix like this.

As a longtime fan, congratulations on yet another Flash success!

It's sad how he died, but other then that it was great!


I can't wait to see how Megaman and Zero defeat Bass.
I have a feeling the ending will be very shocking and very sad too possibly

Hey amazing as allways rigo you been a veteren...

allways been a veteren and allways on the edge of the latest animation techqiues. that s was pure cool. To bad about the voices. See me on msn sometime I will do some voices and get my friends to do em too. I was dispointed about the voice actors but no one has handled text animetion that well yet. I mean with time and quility nice dude.

Not to be mean though it does sound rude.. sry>.<_

not to sound mean but when you say march, do you mean march of this year or something like march of next year?... cus false hope gets annoying, i dont mind you taking forever cus its good and the more time u spend on it then obviously it will be better, but thinking it comes out only to be let down and disippointed gets annoying...
are you sure it will be on march? or are you just saying that?

CheveLoco responds:

I 'm at the very end of the episode now, so i need to finish the last scene, add the sound fx and menus, bells and whistles and it's all set.

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Jul 14, 2007
11:39 PM EDT