Hunter Zero Ep.4

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HZ5 - 03/24/09 -
Thank you for your patience.

After a long time the 4th part it's finally out. Before i get question about the voice acting all i can say is that i tried. But for some reason or the other, i wasnt able to get voice actors for all the characters. And i waited quite a while and even tried getting new people but i just couldnt find anyone. Now with that cleared, enjoy this movie and i will start working on the last episode right now so it can be finished as soon as possible.



love the whole series. Keep at it!


???? like why man yo had to create this pice of...master picece, Holy crap!!! iT"S ASOME MAN AAASOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!! i seen the hunter zero 1 2 3, and of couse this ,but I have to ask yo when are you going to make the new one

That was a awsome story.

You did this story so awsome I give you a ten for it.

needs voices

other than that its great

Wow, I was surprised at how long this was. It shows how much effort you put into it. I can tell when something takes a lot of effort. I just loved the sprite work. I'm not that much into Mega Man. I guess I couldn't follow a lot of it.

The thing is, Mega Man is so popular here I was still able to understand most of it. It's great to see all these characters. Was this another TTA inspired thing? It's a pity Kirbopher sort of disowned that. It's still great.

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Jul 14, 2007
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