Pikachu Pong (Practice)

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Thanks to Link5250, I got a lot done with the ActionScript.
(This was done for practice for my next game)
Controls: Up: Go up; Down: Go down.


good game

it was fun and entertaining. 5/5 10/10

very nice game

iit is a very nice game but too bad that it has only 10 wins then you win

good game

this game is not bad I still cant make a pong game :(
But this is cool

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A Solid Framework to Build Upon

Well, the music here was pleasant, to me, and Pikachu was cute. The game had a light, sunny feeling that I liked. I'd like to see more features to the game such as power-ups or timing commands that would add some strategy. Maybe a menu and a two-player option would be nice, as well. Finally, if the pokeball were to speed up, like in the original pong, that'd be nifty. You know--it'd start slow and then get faster and faster--that kind of thing. In summary: you've got a nice framework, now put some meat on the bones!

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pikapong! take that atari!

pretty good game overall i really expected the controls to be with
the mouse just think its easier control that way, also if you care it would be nice if you make it so every one could choose their pokemon and them give them specials like make pikachu use thunder on the ball and make the ball speed up and have like differen't power for the selection of pokemon i think if you could pull that off you might make main page!

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2.06 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2007
12:50 PM EDT
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