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Here's my entry to the Rock Out competition.
Flash Player 8 required.
Be sure to read the instructions.
Since many people were having problems with the keys on the old version, I've changed it a little (you don't need to press space now).
Hope you like it. :)

...yeah, that's all.


got 100 % on all songs, literally cumming

Slower for younger audiences,eat food and you'll be FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST!

Awesome game interface, great music selection, and responsive controls. What's not to love?

First off, I love the fiery interface, sleek and captivating from a start; that goes for the gaming interface to. The controls, them being all five keys and fingers on the left hand, is a great combination of keys not only because it's the obvious placement but because it teaches you correct keyboard placement at the same time, for typing. I just use a few fingers on each hand, so this is great practice at the same time. Good music, good controls; good game!


An alright game, although you do need much harder songs. Poor effort on making notes to hit.

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