Boss Jigga: God of Dance

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Hello people!
This game was made for the Armor Games Rock Out competition.
This is our first real game, though I am sad to say that this game could have been so much better than it is now. Sadly, due to time constraints and a lack of action-script knowledge, it isn't.
We are working out the bugs and bad sound quality, meanwhile please have fun BUSTIN' A MOVE!

Art- Monkey_dil
Level Design- Domiru
Programming- aGhostlyCobra
Voices and sound effects - all of us :D


Hi Rafa! Nice Job!

Another great game by my favourite boy. Tell Kevin and Arthur they did a good job too. And dont come home too late ok!? I love you.

HellBlasphemy responds:

Hi mom. Yeah Ill be home on time don't worry. Thanks for giving us a 10, your the best! Ok see you downstairs. <3


Why is the score so low?

This is by far one of my favourite submissions, how come its rated so low? My only critizism is some of the voice acting could have been better. And the second levels song is kind of low quality. But other than that really nice job.

HellBlasphemy responds:

Im glad you liked it. The voice acting you are talking about was probably done by Kevin, you arent the first to complain. We are really sorry about it, english is his second language so he isnt always very confident when he is trying out new accents. But we try to encourage him. Also we are working on getting a better version of the song from the author music story, so hopefully it will be fixed up soon. Thanks for reveiwing.

Daaaaamn homie!

In highschool you were the maaaaan homie!
This game fucking rules, i can not even believe it. I hope you guys win! You totally deserve it.
(oh but dude, hellblasphemy's voice acting is terrible, like wtf!? Just get the cobra to do it.)

HellBlasphemy responds:

oh wow yeah sorry. I am just a really suck ass voice actor. Hopefully Rafa, aGhostlycobra, will be able to redub some of my shitty work. He is very talented you know. With out him we wouldnt be able to get anywhere in Flash. If we won the contest he would deserve all the money.

- Kevin Tingleberry

Good for unpolished work

Hopefully you guys can continue to work on this submission even after the contest. Some of the "Blue Shirt" placement is awkward to time the hits because it follows a white shirt dude... not enough time to charge. However, the music that is used is very good. Also, the style of the game is very unique. Good job making your own art.

very good.

good game.funny"n"good story,and very interactive,liked the moves(hehe)and the characters!yay voting 4

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Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2007
11:57 AM EDT