Luis Day Song

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A special song for a special friend. Sorry it's a day late!

Big thanks to Stamper for the piano accompaniment.

Metal Dart: Yeah, I traced the computer from your Bytesize submission. The rest is from scratch, though!


Hahahaha awesomeness

Tom you're amazing :)
Nice little break I'm sure from your very busy schedule. Your voicing and Stamper's piano totally make this awesome.
Happy Luis Day


Ho, ho, ho! Funny song! Nice toon! :)

Hbday luis

and start using your wacom, come on, do it for Tom Fulp

kiss ups

you may be tom fulp but i really didnt care for this flash it was crude and kinda retarted it may have been a inside joke for your freinds but really it wasnt funny for people who dont know you in that level the people who were rating you were probably just trying to kiss up to you by making it all 10s i think otherwise and belive that the submmision should be rated not the author also at the start you make fun of a guy complaining about being banned by Luis and you give the immpresssion that you dont care that the guy was banned just because he was banned by your freind Luis I dont know that author but if that really did happened and the guy was banned without a real reason just because he was banned by Luis makes it okay because he is your freind that is messed up and your abusing your power but if the guy really did do something that was wrong and Luis banned him then its justified all in all i didnt care much for this flash your other ones are quite good dont get me wrong but this aint one of them.

Wow awsome

i wish Luis was my friend....

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Jul 13, 2007
5:27 PM EDT
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