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All glitches Fixed! Please review. Also , look out for this game if you have a wii! Ima tone down the graphics and throw this baby on wii cade for all our wii playing lovers out there!
Hey ng,
Toaster made me change this.
we are here with the rock out competitions biggest game, with 18 music synched levels. Dodge shapes that move wit hthe beat. We've put a ton of work into this, and we hope you enjoy (The level Midnight may have a glitch, we will fix as soon as we can. All glitches and the boo have been removed. Enjoy.
-st1k and Toasterdemon

Thanks to tomamoto for the voice clips!


Very good.

This is one on the best rock out contest submission I have seen so far. Easiley fits in the top five, maybe even the top three. The simple, but elegant graphics of the squares and the background worked very well together and looked awesome. The game was orginal in its own way and wasnt to hard right off to begin with. Truly one of the better submission in the contest and normally. Great, fun submission.

itsjms responds:

wow. I love you.


good work on this game, the only thing that i noticed wrong was when i tried to restart "zelda's windmill" the beginning was impossible, it was just filled with blocks with no way to get around them

itsjms responds:

Um ill try and fix :P

Great work guys

I can't say mroe then that, everything was good and synced really good :)

itsjms responds:

Thanks fora

Still a couple of bugs, but awesome.

A couple of the songs do have problems. Take another look at these songs:

Tetris on Speed

There are some problems with those songs. Also, the "Boo" thing is kind of annoying.

Other than that, this game is awesome. Good job.

itsjms responds:

Thanks for pointing that out. And thanks for the 9! lol if boo is annoying dont die ^^.

the boo pissed me off

it did but let me tell ya it didnt happen often ;p

hey why were there two different colors?

good game

itsjms responds:

Colors? Where you in the mario game ^^ cause if so its red and green luigi and zelda :P

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3.73 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2007
4:41 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place July 14, 2007